Our 7-Step Process

Our 7-Step Process provides you with the greatest return on your marketing investment and will allow you to raise the level of online competition in your industry. Our 7-Step Process entails Research, Strategy, Planning, Execution, Measure, Modify, and Results.

Research: We begin by outlining the details of your project and objectives. This first step helps determine the true cost, uncover potential problems, avoid costly mistakes and provide a better idea of the project scope and timeline.

Strategy: We make it our business to understand your business, your customers and your competition. All your marketing efforts including sales should work together. Your project strategy will include a comprehensive marketing plan.

Planning: We will integrate our research, marketing, and development expertise with your objectives to create an efficient, cost effective project plan.

Execution: Our experience team executes the plan, which includes checkpoints and evaluations.

Measure: Determining what works and what doesn't is the only way to improve the site.

Modify: Based on metrics, modifications will be made to continue improvements.

Results: You should receive a minimum of a 3:1 marketing ROI on your online projects.

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