Digital Marketing Workshop for Business Owners Only

So why attend a workshop in digital marketing? Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

How I can I reduce the cost of marketing?

Who I do I hire to do my marketing, the one with the lowest price? Or is the higher price option going to give me a bigger return?

How do I really know if the marketing people are doing what they say they're doing?

What are all these reports they're sending me, what should I be looking at?

How do I really know I have the right budget for marketing? Don't marketing people just spend all I give them anyway?

There is always something new with Internet and mobile marketing, how do I know when to jump into something new.

SEO/Social media/Adwords  really doesn't work for us, but why does it seem to work for my competitors?

Have you asked yourself any 1 of these questions? How about 3 or more? The Business Owner's Digital Marketing Workshop is just what you need. It's by a business owner for business owners. 

See our events page for the latest workshop or call us at 314-569-9880.

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