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Digital Marketing Workshop for Business Owners Only

You may be asking yourself: "Another digital marketing workshop? That's why I hire someone to do it. I don't want to know how to do it." Well, you would be wrong. Plus, we're not showing you HOW to do. We're showing you HOW TO KNOW IF IT'S BEING DONE RIGHT! This workshop is designed for business owners ONLY. We're looking at marketing from a high level.
21-Sep-2018 0 Comments
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Track Wraps - Making An Impact

Every image you present to the public makes a BIG difference. So, why not just let your sign company design your truck wrap rather than a marketing company? Find out how we made a difference for this local chimney sweep company.
Patricia Hughes 08-Sep-2018 0 Comments
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Website Design Tour with Digital Marketing Features

See some of the highlights of this new Website design for a St. Louis small business, Callier's Catering. The site has several features to aid in digital marketing and enhance the user experience. Be sure to check out the Ad Rotator feature. The Website design and digital marketing was all done by ePlus Marketing, a St. Louis digital marketing firm.
Patricia Hughes 06-Jul-2016 5 Comments
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Video Tour of Newest Website for Small Business

Powerful starter Website for small B2B service company in St. Louis, MO, Database Concepts. This tour shows you the elements, features and functionality of the site. Website design and digital marketing is done by ePlus Marketing. This tour is helpful to see for any business owner so that they get an idea of standard elements for a service Website.
Patricia Hughes 29-Jun-2016 0 Comments
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Missing the Boat with Mobile

Mobile is here to stay, but CEOs, business owners, and even marketers and web designers are often missing the boat when it comes to their Website, especially Google's announcements on mobile this year.
Patricia Hughes 24-Jun-2015 0 Comments
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Increase Website Conversion - Always Be Testing

In updating our Website and Blog we pulled together another BLOG post from years ago. The basic truths never go out of style. This is another MUST KNOW tip that will save you time and money, and increase conversion and profits. In short -- it will make you a hero if you DO IT!
Patricia Hughes 03-Jan-2015 0 Comments
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Marketers Missing the Boat When It Comes to Boardroom Discussions

“Today’s Marketer, Tomorrow’s Growth Leader?” was the topic of the BMA St. Louis luncheon in last week. The speaker was Scott Davis, author of several books including “The Shift, The Transformation of Today’s Marketers into Tomorrow’s Growth Drivers” which was released in May 2009. Scott is an adjunct professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and has over 20 years of brand, marketing strategy and new product development experience.

Patricia Hughes 04-Feb-2010 0 Comments
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Why Focusing on SEO is NOT Enough

This BLOG post appeared on our old Website in 2007 but it is just as relevant now as it was then. Many marketers and business owners continue to miss the boat when it comes to marketing their Website. They're still focusing on getting traffic but SEO is just not enough.
Patricia Hughes 03-Jan-2015 0 Comments
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