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One of the most common mistakes I see with Websites that drives me crazy is lack of phone number. Sure, they may have the phone number but it's tucked away on the Contact Us page or footer. What good is that? You're making me work way to hard to call you. This is true for ALL types of companies. From large to small and the mom and pop companies all miss putting a phone number on the top header of their Website. 

More people use smart phones to search for Websites than PCs but time after time I see the Website somehow miss putting the phone number at an easy to click location. Its vital for any company that depends or getting phone calls to make a sale to have their phone number at the top of the site and clickable.

I just did a random test. I search for plumbers St Louis on Google. Usually, when you need a plumber, you need them as soon as possible. You don't have time to search and search for a plumber. You need them and you need them NOW! So, the why wouldn't a plumber first of all have a responsive Website (easy to see in mobile devices) with a phone number at the top. When the toilette is backing up you really don't care about reading the company's message from the Owner, how they won awards or the latest tips. You need to call them to see how fast they can come to your house to fix the problem.

So, in my search the first 3 sites I found DID NOT have a phone number. Well, actually, one did have it on their site but when the site resized itself to conform to a mobile device, the phone number disappeared. 

Here's the mobile version screen shot of the first plumber Website that came up in my search. We blurred out the name of the company. Our intent is not to embarrass anyone but to inform and business owners how to increase leads and sales with great marketing. 

This company did have the phone number on the full version of the site, but most people would use their smart phone to find a plumber. If you read through the text you would find the phone number hidden inside the first paragraph. The phone number needs to be at the top, easy to see and clickable with one click.

Why would a company make this mistake? One of the most common causes is trying to save money and do it yourself or do it cheap. Another reason is that people don't understand that when they hire a company to do their Website they need to find a company that focuses on marketing - that is sound proven marketing strategy and tactics. 

So, take a look at your site. Can you quickly find the phone number or are you making your site visitors work too hard to contact you? 

Patricia Hughes 21-Jun-2016 0 Comments
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