Track Wraps - Making An Impact

Truck and car wraps are a great way to advertise your product or service. But the problem comes in when too much information or the wrong image is placed on the vehicle. Here's how we helped our client, English Sweep.

You can see the "before" photo of their truck. They had several key components correct. The phone number was large and very readable, the logo was also large and easy to read as was the tag line. But the problem comes in with the image that went with the logo and phone number. 

The image they had was too busy. They were trying to tell their target audience too much about their services and got too wrapped up with the technical details. Frankly, my dear, people don't give a darn ;). 

You have less than three seconds to grab someone's attention on a truck or car wrap. They need to know who you are, what you do and how to contact you.  You need to start with a great brand, don't use photos, limit the copy and keep it simple. 

Yes, when the truck is parked people can see all the details. But here are a few problem with that logic. Most people could care less. Unless they are in the market at that moment chances are they will drive or walk right by your truck and not retain a sign message. Even if they are in the market for what you sell, most people won't read everything on your truck. Plus, if it's too busy they won't even try to understand your message. 

English Sweep MascotWhen you have a graphic such as a mascot or compelling image, people remember it.  Photos, for the most part are usually not remembered. Plus, the photo may grab all the attention and the viewer may never see what the company does, their name or their phone number. A great brand image is the best. 

For English Sweep, we gave them a mascot. The mascot is a great brand image. It can be used in a variety of mediums and gives a personal touch. A mascot is rememberable. Plus, in three seconds people can see the mascot and company logo and know that they are a chimney sweep company.  So, combining the two gives a great impression. 

Patricia Hughes 08-Sep-2018 0 Comments
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