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Boot Camp Marketing is FOR business owners and focuses on what business owners need to know when it comes to marketing their business in today's fast-pace digital world. Do not miss the opportunity.

Who should attend marketing boot camp

Why attend marketing boot camp

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Learning Outcomes of the Marketing Boot Camp

This six week program meets one day a week for 1 hour. The boot camp focuses on marketing issues from a business owner's view point and will include: how to develop a successful marketing strategy, why your current marketing isn't working, 3 biggest mistakes to avoid, how to select marketing vendors, and how to turn leads into sales, and more. You will receive 2 private sessions with the instructor, and benefit from learning from other participants.

Grade Your Marketing

Learn why your current marketing isn't working and how to grade your on-going efforts to optimize your budget.

Avoid 3 Biggest Mistakes

Regardless of the type of business there are common mistakes owners make when it comes to marketing. Learn what these are and how to avoid them.

Customize Your Strategy

Develop your own customized marketing strategy that fits your needs, budget and resources.

Increase Leads & Sales

Learn what you can do immediately to increase leads and sales.

Vendor Selection

Stop wasting time and money on the wrong marketing vendors. Learn how to select and work with the star vendors and agencies.

Rocket Your Results

Learn the fastest ways to get results with the Internet. From social media, to Google, learn what methods get the best results.

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What to expect

What to Expect:

This boot camp hits the ground running and gets right into the materials of how marketing can work for YOUR company. The classroom time is 1 hour. Assignments may take an additional 3 to 4 hours a week.

The assignments are given to apply the information immediately. People learn the fastest when they apply what they learn. You will get the MOST out of the Marketing Boot Camp when you implement what you learn immediately. We expect the participants to:

  • Be on time. Early is on time.
  • Be prepared.
  • Be focussed.
  • Complete the assignments.
  • Be straightforward - we can't help if we don't know the situation.

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Who Should Attend?

This Marketing Boot Camp has been developed for business owners, partners and independent sales representatives who are in charge of their own marketing. If you are just getting into business and have a start-up company this may not be the best workshop for you, but we will determine on case-by case basis.

  • Owners of Professional Service Company such as law, accounting, finance, architect, business support
  • Owners of manufacturers, distributors, and industrial companies
  • Contracting company business owners
  • Personal Services companies.
  • Retail Business Owners

Who should attend

Connect With Other Business Owners

Part of the business learning experience is learning from other business owners. This bootcamp is setup so that you can learn from others entrepreneurs and business leaders .

Our proven marketing methodology has help business owners and managers increase leads and sales - some at a remarkable rate. This bootcamp is taught by Patricia Hughes who has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration - Marketing, and in 1996 earn a Masters Degree in Business Administration, her MBA thesis was focused on Internet Marketing. She has worked on both agency side of marketing as well as the corporate side. A little over 15 years ago she started ePlus Marketing, LLC which focuses on helping businesses increase leads and sales by utilizing the Internet.

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Stop Learning Marketing By Trial and Error

Many business owners learn marketing by trial and error. The most successful business owners know that they can achieve their goals faster when they hire experts to propel their business. This class can help you do just that--- drive revenue rapidly 

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About ePlus Marketing LLC

ePlus Marketing, LLC was founded in June of 2000 by Patricia Hughes who is an accomplished marketing professional. With an undergraduate degree in business and marketing and a MBA she started ePlus Marketing to help companies and organizations increase leads and sales by focusing on digital marketing.

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