Feet for Life - Medical Office

Details of Project

  • Client: Feet for Life - Medical Office
  •  Industry: Medical Doctor's Office


  • Conversion Optimized Website
  • PDF Down Series
  • SEO

Feet for Life, is a medical practice that was in need a not only a fresh look, but a true marketing website for lead generation and customer engagement. The site consists of Call to Action rotating banners which are hot linked to landing pages. The banners are mostly on the right column of the inner pages and rotate once the page is refreshed. The site owner has access to the click through rates and impressions statistics. This feature assist the site visitor through the site with offers, downloads and promotions.

The site is responsive, which means it responds automatically to the the viewer's device. When viewed in a tablet or smart phone, the layout of the site changes to accommodate the smaller screen resulting in a better user experience which increases overall Website time on site and conversion.

Another highlight of the program is the home page slider. The sliders are linked to corresponding landing pages. In addition, the client can easily add new slider with an option for a slider expiration date. Once the expiration date is reached the slider automatically disappears from the homepage. This feature helps keeps the site fresh, while reducing site management costs.

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Address: 12747 Olive Street Road

Email: info@eplusm.com

Google Maps: See our location online.

Toll Free: 314.569.9880

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