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Need more leads and sales? Get the combined power of direct mail & digital marketing with our 1-2 Punch Marketing Packages.  76% of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy encompasses a combination of both print and digital communication. Research shows that this type of 1-2 marketing punch is a successful combination in the sales and marketing game.  

Targeted Direct Mail & Digital Marketing Packages

Chesterfield Minuteman Press & ePlus Marketing has teamed together to bring these marketing combination packages to help YOU increase your leads and sales.

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Why Multi-Channel Marketing Works

Combining marketing channels such as direct mail, email, social media and video is a great way for businesses to gain more out of their marketing budgets.  Here are some reasons why you should use a multi-channel approach to your marketing campaigns.

Increase New Clients

In a recent survey by Constant contact, 57% experienced a boost in new clients.

Increase Frequency of Message

Some marketers say that a person needs to see your message at least 5 times, others claim a different number. But research does show that the more times someone hears or sees your message the more likely they are to respond.

Boost Traffic To Website

Research on using a multi-channel marketing approach showed that 54% of business owners saw an increase in Website traffic.

Increase Leads & Sales

Multi-channel marketing used to be a strategy that benefited large companies. With today's technology and our marketing partnership small and even micro businesses are able to see the benefits of multi-channel marketing. 

Reduced Costs

Using a combination package from marketing partners not only makes your campaign more efficient and effective, it also lowers the overall costs which in turn will increase your Return On Investment. 

Target Your Marketing

Through targeted direct mail using Every Door Direct Mail combined with Facebook targeted Ads, you are able to closely target the prospects that are most likely to purchase.

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What to expect

What to Expect:

These package deals are setup to get both business-to-business and business-to consumer companies an entry way into multi-channel integrated cohesive campaign. 

Many small businesses don't have the resources to design, develop and implement a multi-channel marketing campaign. Often when they do they have little to poor results because they don't have the experience, tools or budget to conduct campaigns similar to larger companies. Now your company will be able to benefit:

  • Reduce campaign waste and costs
  • Increase campaign reach (reach more people)
  • Increase campaign frequency (people will see your message more often)
  • Increase return on investment
  • Increase leads and sales

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Increase Your Leads & Sales Now!

Many business owners learn marketing by trial and error. The most successful business owners know that they can achieve their goals faster when they hire experts to propel their business. This promotion can help you do just that--- drive revenue rapidly 

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Package deals mean a lower price together than purchased separately. Reap the benefits for combined power of print, direct mail, social media, and digital marketing. So, register NOW  and start driving revenue rapidly! 

Started PackageBASIC

Starting at $995.00*

Combine Targeted Direct Mail with Social Media & Video

  • Facebook Ads Direct to Your Target Audience
  • 6.5 X 9 Postcards Mailed to Target Audience
  • Printing Cost Starting At $0.38 Each
  • Mailing Cost Starting At 18.4 Cents Each
  • 1 Targeted Postal Rate/Zone - 1 Mailing

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Serious MarketingPRO

Starting $1,995.00 

You're not messing around with this marketing combination. This combination of Digital Marketing and Print will Supercharge Your Results TODAY!

  • Animated Video About Your Services
  • Facebook Ads Direct to Your Target Audience
  • Custom Mobile-enhanced Web Landing Page
  • 6.5 X 9 Postcards Mailed to Target Audience
  • Printing Cost Starting At $0.30 Each
  • Mailing Cost Starting At 18.4 Cents Each
  • 2 Targeted Postal Rate/Zone - 1 Mailing

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Premier Package Optimal

Starting at $2,899.00 

Sales Blaster Package is our bigger and more intense marketing package. Your target audience can't help to see your promotion on Social Media and in their mailbox. 

  • Animated Video About Your Services
  • Retargeted Facebook Ads Directed Toward Site Visitors
  • eMail Marketing Promotion OR 
  • Custom Mobile-enhanced Web Landing Page
  • 6.5 X 9 Postcards Mailed to Target Audience
  • Printing Cost Starting At $0.24 Each
  • Mailing Cost Starting At 18.4 Cents Each
  • 4 Targeted Postal Rate/Zone - 1 Mailing

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