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Converting Site Visitors

Developing a Web site, getting traffic and SEO strategy is only the beginning. If you are not converting site visitors to take the desired action you are not getting the highest return on investment (ROI) for your marketing dollars.

Consider that every link on your site is a potential place for site visitors to leave your site. Words on the page, graphics, page layout, and site structure all play a role in how you will convert site visitors into clients.

What does it take to increase Web site conversion? That of course depends on your site. Sometimes very little. Most every aspect of your site can effect your site's conversion. We have increased conversion by 200% by changing the wording on a form. Other times we improved conversion 759% by completely redesigning the site. Each site is different.

Our TEAM of website conversion experts understand exactly how people interact with Websites. For each page our team tests and optimizes:

Website Elements:

  • Webpage Layout
  • Site's Structure
  • Sales Copy
  • Web Forms
  • Call to Action Text
  • Graphics
  • Colors
  • Fonts

Any one of these elements and more can effect your Conversion Rate Optimization. It's not a "programming" or "design" thing. It's a combination of trained and experienced experts that know how to increase your profits.

Regardless the type of site you have, all sites should be developing a conversion strategy including measurements and modifications. If your site is a business to business or business to consumer site, you need to convert site traffic. From ecommerce, lead generation, sales support or content site, all sites have a purpose and desired action that you want the site visitor to complete.

Also consider conversion ratios and calculations for pay per click programs and other promotional and advertising campaigns. Every aspect of your site should be constantly measured and modified for improvements.

How important is site conversion? The best way to see the impact of site conversion on revenue and profit is through an example.

Website Conversion Formula:

Below is the site production numbers for Sample Site A & B :

Average monthly site visitors:                       1,500 
Average monthly marketing cost for site:      $500.00
Average monthly number of customers:            30
Average total purchase per customer:             $50.00
Average gross profit margin                             50%
Monthly revenue is calculated by:
# of customers x dollar amount of average total purchase per customer
= Monthly revenue in dollars

Gross Profit is calculated by:
(Monthly revenue minus gross margin) minus marketing expenses
= monthly gross profit (profit before fixed overhead)

Sample Site A has a 2% conversion ratio which yields
$250.00 gross profit

30 x $50.00 = $1,500.00 monthly revenue  
( $1,500 - 50% profit margin)-500 = $250.00 gross profit

Sample Site B has a 3% conversion ratio which yields
$650.00 a month of gross profit:

1500 site visitors x 3% conversion ratio = 45 customers
45 x $50.00 (average purchase)= $2,250.00 monthly revenue
Profit ($2,250 - 50% profit margin) - $500 = ($1125) - $500 = $650.00 gross profit

That is a 160% increase in profit by
increasing your conversion by only 1%

That example is for an ecommerce site, but you can do the same calculations for a lead generating site, sales support site, etc. You just need to understand the value of the desire action.

Start improving your Website conversion today by ordering our Conversion Assessment.


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