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Increase Leads With a Lead Generation System

Start converting more site visitors into sales today.

Our proven methodology
 can help you:

  • Attract targeted prospects to your Website
  • Convert site visitors into leads
  • Qualify and score leads
  • Develop, implement and manage lead nurturing campaigns
  • Maintain customer retention programs
  • Develop, implement and manage client leverage programs

Not all Websites sell something directly. It’s not easy to put a service in a shopping cart and check out. Other products are too complicated or customized to use an e-commerce Website. Still other companies, for a variety of reasons do not want to engage in online sales, but need to attract customers to come into their store or call their business. In these cases the Website owner utilizes the Internet to attract prospects, increase awareness, assist with client relationships, and help with leveraging customers. Lead generation program can be developed for a B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer company). 

You need a strategy to attract, convert, retain and leverage customers.

A sound marketing strategy with tactics is the first step toward generating leads. You will need to setup a written process and system so that you can correctly and consistently implement, test, measure, analyze, and refine.   The technical tools you can utilize with the ePlus Marketing systems include:

  • Customer Relationship Management programs
  • eMail marketing campaigns
  • Data integration
  • Campaign analysis
  • Website analytics

See a video demo of our all-in-one Website system. This system not only gives you a Website that you can update without knowing programming, but it also has an email marketing, contact management, and e-commerce functionality built into it. There is no software to download or update -- it's a cloud based program so update and improvement happen automatically. Find out more amazing advantages of this Website marketing tool

Your B2B or B2C marketing system will include an integration of online and offline promotional mix. Depending on your situation or need, your marketing program may include:

  • Cold calling service to qualify leads and schedule appointments
  • Combine direct mail with online marketing campaigns
  • Follow-up after the sale with a combination of mail, phone call and email
  • Tie your Website to your trade-show participation
  • Your lead generation marketing strategy will be customized to fit your needs.

Want to get started increasing leads? Get a Website Conversion Analysis or if you’re looking to get start immediately, call us for a free one hour consultation at 314-569-9880.

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