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What Digital Marketing Services Do you need?

Email Marketing

eMail marketing can consist of email campaigns to prospects, newsletter email blast, drip marketing campaigns, automatic anniversary emails and more. 

Increase Leads

If the main purpose of your Website is to increase leads you need a marketing strategy and tactics to attract, convert, retain and leverage customers. With our proven methodology, your Website will become a lead generation machine.

Increase Sales

Are people coming to your Website but you're not getting enough sales? Do you find yourself spending more money on Website traffic without increasing ROI? Do you continually pay more for SEO or Adwords with fewer results.? Find out how to turn your Website woes into Internet income.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is a high-level strategic plan that sets the foundation for your marketing tactics, sales strategy, design, branding and all elements of how you sell your product or service.

Pay-per Click - SEM

Is a digital marketing form of advertising on search engines or other Websites used to direct traffic to the advertiser's Website. The advertiser pays the publisher of the Website or search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.) when the ad is clicked. 

Search Engine Optimization- SEO

To get site visitors to visit a Website the site owner optimizes the website to fit search engine guidelines to ensure that their site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. 

Social Media

Is any Website or application that enable users to create and share content such as text, video, audio files, graphics, etc. or to participate in social networking. Some common forms of social media includes, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and BLOGS. 

Video Marketing

85% of customers are more likely to purchase after watching a video. Website Visitors spend 10 times longer on a site with testimonial videos. Video increases the chance of a 1st page Google result. With these statistics why would you wait to implement video marketing? Learn more about video marketing...

Website Conversion Optimization

One of the fastest ways to increase your bottom line is to invest in optimizing your Website and landing pages to convert more site visitors. It doesn't take a complicated mathematical calculation to conclude that you'll make more profits if your current Website traffic took action (call, download an item, complete a form, buy something, etc.). When site visitors virtually "raise their hand" and indicate that they're on your site, the sales opportunity starts. Read more...

Website Design

Besides reflecting your company or brand image, your Website needs to produce results. It must attractive visitors, engage them to go through the site but most importantly, it needs to persuade them to take action (call, complete a form, make a purchase, etc.). Find out why ePlus Marketing's Websites are not just a pretty face.

Website Development

While technology is important, we feel that too many "Web companies" talk about their programming prowess rather than their marketing results. Does it matter what type of techie acronym is used to construct your site? At times it does. To learn more about our technology and programming capabilities click here.

Website Globalization & Localization

Developing a Website that is targeted to an International audience has unique requirements and skills. It's not enough to just "translate" your Web content.  Done right, an international Website should first be globalized so that elements can easily be changed and then localized to a specific country or culture. Your first step to creating or improving an international Website should be with a certified Website Globalized company (such as us). Learn more...

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