Web Site Globalization & Localization

Reaching an International Audience Through

Web Site Globalization & Localization

Having a Web site means that anyone anywhere can view your company’s products and services. Expanding your reach to a global audience produces several questions:

  • How do you market to a target audience in a foreign country?
  • Is it expensive?
  • Do you need to have someone on staff that knows the language?
  • How do you get ranked on foreign search engines?
  • Does the entire site need to be translated?
  • What is localization and Web globalization?
  • How effective is translation software?
  • Is it worth it?

These are all great questions in which we can answer. The last question “is it worth it?” is especially important. It’s a question we often hear.

Consider these statistics from a June 2006 report from Internetworldstats.com:

  • 1 billion+ people use the Internet world wide
  • English represents 30% of all Internet users
  • North American usage is 21.1% of the entire world
  • Asia represents 36.4% of all Internet users
  • Internet usage in Europe is 28.4%

Just sheer numbers would indicate that considering Website localization and globalization would be worth considering. The numbers also indicate that if you only market to North America you are missing about 80% of total Internet users.

“(ePlus Marketing's).. expertise in web design and internet marketing has helped us increase our international web presence by 25%. We highly recommend (ePlus Marketing) to anybody wanting to Go Global Online!”
Susanne Evens, AAA Translation

According to Export America, statistics indicate that a customer is twice as likely to stay at a web site, and four times as likely to purchase goods or services, if the site is in his or her native language. According to Forrester Research, businesses that present Web sites only in English lose up to $10 million in potential sales per year

Marketing your products or services globally can dramatically increase your revenue if you do it effectively. How can you do it effectively? Here are a few tips when dealing with Web globalization:

• Research the countries laws, culture and product use/need
• Think beyond U.S. English
• Consider a Web globalization strategy BEFORE a site redesign
• Know the country's top search engines
• Do not use language translation software
• Build a internationalized Web site

How do you know if your site is internationalized? Chances are if you are not sure then it is probably not. Internationally ready means that your site can easily be translated and localized for a foreign language.

Translating, Web globalization and localization are often not enough. To truly penetrate a country's culture the site should be culturally customized.  Dr. Arun Pereira, co-author of The Culturally Customized Web Site© has recently partnered with ePlus Marketing to provide our clients special insight to achieving a site that is truly customized culturally.

If you are already marketing to a global audience and want to do more or just considering it contact us to see if Web Globalization makes sense for you.

Some of our most recent success with some of our clients:

  • Increased international Web visitors by 179%
  • Increased targeted country Web site visitors by over 300%
  • Increased the percent of total revenue by foreign companies by 25%
  • Increased Web ranking on foreign search engines to the first page
  • Increased Web site visits referred by foreign search engines by 251%
  • Increased conversion ratio for international customers by 150%

Also visit our Links page for to see some useful sites regarding International Trade, Web Globalization and translation. At ePlus Marketing, our Internet marketing strategies and services can assist with your local, regional and international projects.

Contact us today about Web site globalization and Web site localization.

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