If you are considering taking your products or services to a global market the terms localization, globalization and internationalization may all be a bit confusing. When you hear the terms Website globalization and Website internationalization, it generally means the preparation of the site in order to make it easily adapted to different locals or countries.

Localization is the process of adapting the Website for a specific country. Localization involves language translation, design and cultural customization.

Going Global:

Prior to going global there are several questions you need to consider:

  • What is your strategy to support other languages?
  • Have you selected a reliable, experienced translation company?
  • Who will assist with cultural aspects of marketing and buying behavior?
  • How are you going to handle emails and phone calls from prospects and clients within the country?
  • Does your Website support local currencies and preferred payment options?
  • Does your Website display local time, date and measurement formats?
  • Is the current text internationalized?
  • How are you managing delivery, tariffs and returns of your product?
  • How are you going to handle international Internet marketing activities such as multilingual search engine optimization and multilingual Adwords campaigns?
  • Are you translating your brand name, logos, trademarks, etc?
  • Have you researched international trademark laws for your targeted countries?
  • If your site will be translated into multiple languages how will you handle updates, press releases, new product launches, etc?

Many companies start with a simple plan and target one or two counties at first. Taking on several counties at once is a huge undertaking. Your systems, procedures and assumptions can easily be tested with one country before you move on to other countries.

Translating, Web globalization and localization are often not enough. To truly penetrate a country's culture the site should be culturally customized.  Dr. Arun Pereira, co-author of The Culturally Customized Web Site© has recently partnered with ePlus Marketing to provide our clients special insight to achieving a site that is truly customized culturally.

If you are already marketing to a global audience and want to do more or just considering it contact us to see if Web Globalization makes sense for you.

Some of our client's successes:

  • Increased international Web visitors by 179%
  • Increased targeted country Web site visitors by over 300%
  • Increased the percent of total revenue by foreign companies by 25%
  • Increased Web ranking on foreign search engines to the first page
  • Increased Web site visits referred by foreign search engines by 251%
  • Increased conversion ratio for international customers by 150%

At ePlus Marketing, we have teamed with experienced professional services in the areas of translation, international law, logistics and international market research. If you are just getting started with multilingual Websites or want to improve your existing sites, we can help with every step. Call us today at 314-569-9880 to find out more about Website globalization, localization and international Internet marketing.

See how our marketing strategy increase leads by 300% for an international manufacturer. 

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