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Shawn Elledge, CEO, SalesLead Automation

"I have never met a more passionate person when it comes to global online marketing than Patricia Hughes, founder of ePlus Marketing.
We have relied on each others expertise over the years on various projects and she continues to impress me with her knowledge in the space from SEO - SEM - Web Development- Globalization and much more. This business moves fast and if you don't stay on top of it you will get passed by. You don't have to worry whether or not that will happen to you if you are working with ePlus Marketing. I highly recommend ePlus Marketing!"

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Digital Marketing Agency St. Louis

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing means many things to many people. To some, it's just getting your website up and running and then jumping into Google Adwords. For others, you're not doing digital marketing unless you're doing social media. For us, marketing encompasses the traditional aspects of product (what you're selling), price (at what price), promotions (everything from advertising, publicity, to sales) and placement (how the customer or client receives their product or service). Marketing entails the fundamentals, such as the life of the lead and life cycle of your product or service. It involves knowing your target audience and connecting with them to solve a problem. 

You see, everyone buys a product or service to solve a problem. Some problems are easy. You're hungry, and you buy food. Other problems are more complex. You need to grow your company, but you're not sure what to do first. You try to solve the problem by telling your prospects all about the widget you're selling. A Harvard marketing professor, Theodore Levitt, once said “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.” Too many marketers are talking about the quarter-inch drill and not the quarter-inch hole. 

So, to us, marketing pretty much touches all parts of the business. If you're spending money to get leads but the person answering your phone is rude or just plain bored, you're not completing the circle of marketing. In fact, you're wasting your money. For example, let's take a home service company, such as a plumber. They are spending money on Google Adwords. However, their service person doesn't answer all the customer's questions.  Plus, the service person doesn't show identification or wear a uniform. That means the company is most likely skipping a big part of the marketing. These little things may add up to losing a prospect or client, thus increasing your advertising and marketing budget.

Digital marketing doesn't stop when you get a lead. It doesn't stop when you have a paying customer. It doesn't stop when a client receives their service or product. A good digital marketing company will give you tactical marketing plans to leverage clients and increase client's life time value. 

Sorry if you were expecting to read all about our whiz-bang digital marketing services such as search engine optimization, or how we're the best at Adwords management, or how our website designers are the top in the industry. Above all, ePlus Marketing is a company that focuses on our client's results and to do that we focus on a complete marketing strategy and not placing clients into the next shinny thing.  Over 20 years of experience taught us that most managers want to know more about a company's approach to marketing rather than the technical aspect of the service. So, as referenced above, we're talking more about the quarter-inch hole rather than drill.  

For a true digital marketing company to succeed and drive results, they first have to really understand marketing. Most companies don't want just a website, they want leads and sales. They don't want to be on social media to be cool, they want results. Without really knowing what marketing really is, most companies are missing the main foundation of what makes things work. Sure, you may get some sales and some leads, but if you truly want to have your marketing working efficiently you need a complete marketing strategy that is customized for your company, your industry, with your unique set of circumstances and your budget. 

If you also have the mindset that marketing is more than a website and more than fancy design, let's talk. Contact us today at 314-569-9880

About You

If you're on this website you most likely are looking for a solution to your sales and marketing problems. Or you're a competitor looking to check out the competition. :) That's okay we're used to competitors checking us out. But this is about the business owner, chief marketing officer, marketing director, product manager or VP of Marketing trying to find out if we can help solve their marketing problems. They want to grow their sales or increase leads and their current solution is not performing. 

Here's why most people come to us:

  • They're tired of getting the same excuses from their current agency
  • They figured out their current provider is really only good at programming or design.
  • They thought they hired a marketing company but they really only push one or two things.
  • They've heard about website conversion but not from their web company.
  • They are tired of their marketing not working and they are researching alternative solutions.

Regardless of how you got here, if you're looking for one or more of:

  • An agency that has marketing and business solutions
  • A team that provides comprehensive approach to marketing
  • A firm with a business background, not just programming or design
  • A business that's has a solid history of successful experiences
  • A company that can help take our company the next level
  • A group that has expertise in global or national marketing, not just local
  • An honest company that just won't take my money and not do the work
  • A firm that puts together a marketing strategy that fits my needs, industry, and budget
  • An agency that has detailed planning
  • A team that communicates with us in simple terms
  • A company that is honest and has integrity
  • An agency that if they can't help in an area, they have partners who can
  • A group that has passion for their work and doesn't just work for a paycheck

If any of these things ring a bell with you, then you're in the right place. Our clients appreciate our up-front approach. They know that we're constantly looking for ways to improve their bottom line. They know we have their back and we're fair and honest. They also know that our number one goal is their success. If they're not successful, we're not successful. 

So, where do you start? If you know you need a new website design, email marketing, Adwords management, search engine optimization or any other marketing service then contact us today and let's talk. If we're not a good fit for you, we'll let you know. We only take on clients that meet a certain criteria. The criteria are not in size, or industry it's more in how you run your company. What are your goals and mission?  We strive for integrity and we expect the same in our clients. Our best clients are open to new ideas. They listen to alternatives and engage in a team approach. We mainly work with leaders who are interested in personal growth as much as growing their business or division. 

If you're just looking around or thinking about a change you can get our free marketing analysis. If nothing else, you'll get a second opinion. And, yes, we have told people they're okay where they're at, but they just need little tweaks. 

So, either way, your first step would be to call us today at 314-569-9880 and let's discuss your situation and if we're a good fit for your digital marketing needs. 

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