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  • Client: 5 Star Travel
  •  Industry: Travel


  • Travel Package Search
  • Integration of 3rd-party Data
  • Call to Action Ads

Five Star Travel contacted us about a developing a Website which would help increase leads, but also help with online travel self-service. The situation faced by Five Star was that they used several travel vendor services and they did not have the in-house man power to update the site daily with the newest travel packages and pricing. Travel packages can change instantly because agents nationally are selling into the package or hotel. That means a promotion or package for a given location and time can fill up instantly. Without having someone constantly updating their Website they could run the risks of overbooking a package.

We took on the problem with research and analysis. Our research found a company who supplies the package data which they update instantly. We presented to Five Star the vendor as their best option which may mean that we would not build their site for them, but we felt it was their best solution given their requirements. As it turned out the travel vendor only supplied generic Website designs which looked out-dated and a bit amateurish. The final solution was a combination of our talents and the vendor's cloud program and data. We designed the layout and included advise on SEO, package layout and standard Website conversion principles. 

The result was a custom designed site, optimized for conversion built on top of a travel-data driven system. 

See the Five Star Travel Website. 

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