Distinctions in Fashion - Retail Lead Generation Website

Details of Project

  • Client: Distinctions in Fashion - Retail Lead Generation Website
  •  Industry: Retail


  • Multiple Websites
  • Social Media, Promotions, Email Marketing
  • Video, Direct Mail

The client is a retail shop selling designer dresses, gowns, Prom dresses, sportswear and accessories. It started with one Website, email marketing and promotions. As sells increased, overall additional marketing was focused on a particular target audience. Eventually, the three distinctive Websites were made, one for the company overall, the second for Prom dresses and the third for gowns, evening dresses and Mother-of-the Bride dresses. Be sure to view the video to see the story of how sales increased.

See case study video and details.

Related Websites:

Distinctions in Fashion eventually had 4 websites developed. Each site has a different purpose or unique target audience. The first site is their main Website and shows the site visitor the overall services and products of the company. Since Distinctions two main target audience are mother-of-the bride/groom AND high school girls for Prom or Homecoming it was decided to build two different Websites that would address the difference in age, taste and type of dresses. Distinctions Prom and Distinctions Gowns Websites were developed for these two unique target audiences. Both of these sites feature photos galleries from the various dress designers.

Distinctions' Closet was developed to help sell last year's dresses at a deep discount. These dresses only flaw is that they are a season or two old. That's a long time in the world of high fashion, but not out of style for most women. 

•Main Site: Distinctions in Fashion
•Mother-of-Bride Website
•Prom & Homecoming Site 
•Discounted Site: Distinction's Closet


Case Study

Read Case Study
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